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SURFit High Performance Custom Longboard

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SURFit High Performance Custom Longboard

The SURFit High Performance Custom Longboard is for super fast lively surfing in small to mid size waves.

With advanced high tech construction the board is light and strong.

The rails and rocker are distinctive.

They're partly familiar so you immediately feel like the board is a natural extension of your surfing experience. They're partly crazy, super responsive, like nothing you've ever felt on a longboard before.

Pivot the board for a sharp turn, or carve in a tight pocket, there's no catching or that slowing bog associated with traditional mals. Drive off the bottom and draw out your turn then bank off the top when its vertical, you don't have to wait for the wave to let you in.

The bottom shape gives you everything from slight concave to slight vee to a double concave keeping the flow maximised for each position you take on the board from nose to tail.

Take yourself to the next level with the edge over the toughest session and conditions. 


Within each SURFit board model there are prepared models that are proven to work great, that you select and we work out what length and volume will work best. We also offer complete customisation that you can add to your SURFit board so it is yours, distinctive in performance and look. 

Fully Custom

You can fully customise your SURFit board. If you select your board, add it to your Cart, then you can add additional features that include:

Channels, Bottom Shape and Performance Construction such as epoxy and Innegra, click here

Artwork including custom inlays, hand posca and sprays, gloss, tints and pigment finishes, click here


Order your SURFit Surfboard online. SURFit will contact you to  personally discuss the volume and other characteristics, refining your own special model.

How Long?

Hand Made on the Northern Beaches

Your custom SURFit board is designed, cut, shaped and finished on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. It takes time, normally a few weeks, to make your custom board so Contact Us if you need to know what's happening before you place your order.

All SURFit products while produced using the latest technologies and materials are loving handmade and finished. Some markings such as from sanding, unevenness in texture, print or other mark may appear making every product, your product, unique.