What are SURFit surfboards all about?

All our surfboards are Custom made for you.

SURFit has models, for example Series 2, Series 3, that are designs with proven performance. These designs are modified to match your volume and surfing style

Where are SURFit surfboards made?

SURF surfboards are made in Australia from locally sourced materials

How long does it take to get a SURFit surfboard?

Production time for a surfboard is around 2 weeks

Is SURFit local?

SURFit was started in Narrabeen on Sydney's Northern Beaches in 2000 and is still Northern Beaches based

Can I pickup my SURFit surfboard?

Yes. We can arrange a mutually good time and location for you to get your SURFit board

How does Shipping work?

SURFit uses AusPost and couriers to get your order to you. A Tracking Number is emailed to you so you can track your order. Remember, all SURFit products are handmade to meet your order. So order times are a little longer

How do SURFit cams work?

By going to https://SURFit.com and logging on with Facebook you can control cams to find the best surf, your favourite break. Make sure you've got your PayPal Subscription

Why SURFit?

SURFit has grown out of seeing mates, girls and guys, surfing at our local break. Their equipment lets them down as it's not made to help everyday surfers surf great, in everyday waves. So now with SURFit they have surf gear to help them rip and have the best time in the water