SURFIT 2 Series & 3 Series Surfboards


Fun & fast, the SURFIT 2 Series and SURFIT 3 Series give you speed and control

The SURFIT 2 Series and 3 Series surfboards give you great high performance surfing.

The SURFIT 2 Series gives you fun in everything. Easy to paddle, easy to catch waves, easy to generate speed and carve. The SURFIT 3 Series does all the above yet with greater control allowing you to unleash your power when and where in more critical moves.

They fit in your quiver ideal for the waves you surf everyday.


 SURFIT 2 Series vs SURFIT 3 Series Comparison

The SURFIT 2 Series on the left has a fuller outline optimised for speed and fun. You don't have to work for it, speed is there. The SURFIT 3 Series on the right has less area. You get more control and bite. The board keeps pace with the wave so you control where and when you gouge your power moves

What's different between the two Series is easy to see when the boards are side by side. The 2 Series gives you easier performance, while the 3 Series gives you a higher top end.

2 Series

SURFIT 2 Series vs SURFIT 3 Series 2 Series Back Hand Barrel

The SURFIT 2 Series gives you speed to race the lip, make barrels and fast sections easily. It's super fun

The 2 Series is designed to make it easier to have maximum fun. So it has all the features you need. It's optimised for great paddling, easy wave catching, stability, speed that you don't have to work for, and forgiving rails so you can pull off your power moves.

3 Series


You can see the narrower nose on the SURFIT 3 Series, here cranking a bottom turn where the section is thick and the lip growing. With less area and more bite the 3 Series isn't going too fast, or skipping out. You get total control to do your power move where and when you want

The 3 Series is finer, leaner, giving you the ability to fine tune exactly what you want your board to do and how it does it. If you're surfing everyday and competitively, and when you get perfect waves, the 3 Series gives you the ability to do any move you want.

Series Models

Within each Series there are Models that can either match your style, help you progress, or are optimised for different waves, for example when it's fat and full or sucky and fast.

Vee Double Concave


You can see on the fuller smaller wave the 2 Series with Vee to Double Concave is still getting right out of the water. This indicates the speed your board generates so you can throw it around, smack lips, have high performance fun

For example there's the Vee Double Concave model. This features a vee with deep double concaves. It generates speed effortlessly and allows you to hold position at the sweet spot then use your heel and toe to put on big rail moves. The board rising and dropping, carving effortlessly.

C Channel


When the wave is more critical, there's lots of power and its sucky and over vertical, the 3 Series with single concave hull bottom gives you control. You can setup for your barrel or drop to the bottom to charge & gouge the lip. You've got bite. Your moves translated in high performance

The C Channel model is a single concave that sits in a hull bottom. This gives you constant flow so you can be doing smooth top to bottom moves gouging power where you want.

Both these Model bottom shapes are available on the 2 and 3 Series.

On the 2 Series they work with a wider outline to give you higher speed for fuller mushy waves, like you get most days.

Blended with a softer front entry rail gives you forgiving surfing in funkier waves. You get good flow, not bogging. Yet the rails aren't too full that you lose sensitivity. 

On the 3 Series you get more control. Your board isn't going too fast on the flat, your speed being generated going into and out of turns. This helps you time your moves with the wave.

Finer rails match the cleaner wave face so you get great traction off the bottom and off the top, when the wave is over critical.

Your Match


Your SURFIT 2 and SURFIT 3 Series come how you want. Above is the same SURFIT 3 Series. On the left you have the Vee Single to Double Concave. On the right the single concave in hull. These boards surf differently optimised for how you want to surf, and the waves you want to surf. Both these boards can be at home in your quiver. You aren't bound by only what's on the shelf

With SURFIT you have the ability to put together what you want from the features of our SURFIT models and range.

You can have a 3 Series with Vee to Double Concave giving you that carving pivot feeling in your high performance waves. Alternatively you can have a single concave in your 3 Series where being more centered you do massive power gouges. 

With SURFIT your highest performance is empowered.

Your SURFIT 2 & SURFIT 3 Series


Whether it's taking on the heaviest slab at your local keeping your reputation in tact or carving a lip for the fun of it, your SURFIT 2 Series and 3 Series give you the fun and performance you need

SURFIT-2-Series-vs-3-Series-2 Series Top Turn

Getting your boards optimised for what you want makes sense so that you've got the right board for the conditions and how you want to surf.

Your 2 Series can be optimised for easier surfing when conditions aren't optimal, still surfing with speed and power.

Your 3 Series can be optimised for those days when it's perfect and you want to push your board and yourself to your limit.

Both have a home in your quiver.




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