Progress Rapidly with Your SURFit Surfboards

How exciting is your new board! To make sure you rip on it, here's SURFit's performance approach to maximise your surfing


When it gets busy, you need a board that will get you waves, helping you do big moves among the crew. That board is your board, your custom design. Not a board shaped for a Pro for perfect waves somewhere else

SURFit gets you on boards you'll rip on.

We transition you from where you are to where you want to go.

How do we do this?

Let's consider a few things first. What are the chances you can progress on a surfboard that's made for someone else? Made for somewhere else? That surfs entirely differently than the way you surf?

This sums up what you get through most surf shops. The Pro's and Team Riders those boards are custom made for go great on them.

But the board you get is not that board. The board you get is mass produced, not matched to your physical characteristics, your wave conditions or your surfing.

Core Proven Designs

At SURFit we take core proven designs and add your customisation. It's not just volume. There's matching board length to your height and wave size. Matching tail width to your foot size, position and stance. Matching rocker to where you surf, beachies, reef or point break. How you surf now to where you want to go.

Along with your characteristics we add the latest features from the surfing world. So your surfing gets a proven customised performance base, with the latest innovations, maximising your progression.

Progress & Transition

SURFit 2 Series Epoxy Innegra, an ultra light wider small wave charger with SURFit C Channel SURFit 3 Series 1 SURFit 5 Series 3 with SURFit V Channel

Getting the right quiver is one way to plan your progress. From left to right: SURFit 2 Series Epoxy Innegra, an ultra light wider small wave charger with SURFit C Channel giving you high speed fun in small waves;  SURFit 3 Series 1 with standard SURFit concave gives you versatility and high performance in your daily surf; SURFit 5 Series 3 with SURFit V Channel is your Step Up giving you the edge of speed and control in heavier waves. Each board is refined, customised for you

For your personal surfing, transition is most important. Your approach needs to be one of transitioning from your old board, to a good SURFit board, then another better SURFit board and so on.

Your journey of constant progression begins with your first SURFit board. Then that design is continually enhanced incorporating your feedback and new design developments.

Transition is never mentioned as everyone wants you to buy now, and not think about where you're going.

In your day to day surfing, transition is equally important. While it's fun to have a specialty board like a fat fish or retro 80s beak nose, swapping to those boards will give you a different surfing experience. It will not progress your performance surfing.

Having a quiver of boards custom refined for you will allow you to swap easily between them and build on your skill improvements from surf to surf in constant progress.

Start Strong

SURFit's high performance templates are digitised, proven designs reproduced with high fidelity CNC and by hand.

So you start on an already proven design customised for you.


Two boards, identical outlines, with different rocker and bottom shape. It makes sense that keeping the core that works for you, such as volume, template and tail dimensions, and changing only a few key features, you'll progress faster towards your goal. Rather than going to an entirely different board, putting your energy into relearning that

SURFit has a proven starting point from which to rapidly progress your surfing.

Check this example of how SURFit can radically improve your surfing with two identical boards with customisations based on your wave conditions.

Outline & Rocker, Customised For Your Surf

The outline shown above is one of our proven templates. It works great across the 3 and 5 Series. It rips in your daily conditions and has similarities to what's ridden by the world's best.

To this core we add design features that will give you an edge in certain wave conditions.

SURFit V Channel


The SURFit V Channel gives you mastery over critical powerful waves


If you're surfing sucky solid waves at a heavy beach break or Point, or for bigger swells, the V Channel enhances every aspect of your wave riding. You get a more direct entry in critical takeoffs, wave power is channeled off the bottom and top in your turns, and you get hold for the barrel even in the hairiest sections.

Add to this your customisation in aspects like the volume, tail width, rail shape and a rocker tweak and you've now got an edge.

One of the secrets to riding heavier more powerful waves is not more board length but a board that gives you greater control.

SURFit C Channel


The SURFit C Channel gives high performance agility when the waves aren't so powerful SURFit-3-Series-SURFit-C-Channel-Double-Concave-Bottom-Shape

If your typical waves are beach breaks, a mix of shifting peaks, shoulders and closeouts on changes of the tide, you want liveliness and agility.

The SURFit C Channel is a hull concept. An existing concave has a additional concave embedded in it. In the example here, the C Channel flows into a double concave through the fins.

The depth and area covered by the concave to double concave creates a spiral vee effect. This gives you the ability to put your board into very short arc turns. You can smack a section as it pops up, or jam a cuttie if the shoulder gets fat. In a sucky barrel you fly then can do a short arc carve back to the power.

Trashie beach breaks will take on a whole new aspect of fun.

SURFit Surfboards

These are just two example of how SURFit customisation, in the same board, can expand your surfing quiver and performance. Once you start your progression, there's many areas in which to advance your surfing.

There's a SURFit model to evolve with you giving you consistent progression and your surfing edge.