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Precision designed, color coded by performance type, and with advanced construction, it's easy to choose your best fin


SURFit Surfboard Fin Models

There are three main models of SURFit Thruster fins for you to explore. Each is designed to maximise your surfing performance in different wave conditions and in different boards.

The three main SURFit Thruster fins models are as follows.

SURFit-V1F-Tri-Fin-Set-Side-Futures-Packaging  SURFit-X1F-Tri-Fin-Set-Futures-Packaging SURFit-D1F-Tri-Fin-Set-Side-Futures-Packaging
SURFit V Series for Vertical surfing SURFit X Series for Xtreme performance SURFit D Series for Down the line surfing


Within these models SURFit fins come in different sizes.

The sizes run:

S - Small

M - Medium

L - Large

SURFit Specialtiy fins, like our Twin Fins, come in a range of sizes specific to their performance.


So a SURFit V1S is a V Series for Vertical surfing in a Small size.

A V1M is a V Series for Vertical surfing in a Medium size.

A D1S is a D Series for Drivey surfing in a Small size. And so on.

Fin Systems

SURFit fins fit the leading fin systems and are backward compatible.

 SURFit-V1F-Tri-Fin-Set-Outside-FCS-Twin-Tab SURFit-X1F-Tri-Fin-Set-FCS-Twin-Tab SURFit-D1-Tri-Fin-Set-Rear-FCS-Twin-Tab


Why do fins have different constructions?

Different constructions give you the ability to excel in the surfing conditions you face based on your size and weight.

Flex is one of the main criteria governed by construction.


Fins with less flex will more directly transmit your power into the wave. They give you projection as the fin holds its line. A fin with more flex will curve into the wave, going more with the flow. Often flexi fins load up then give a boost on release.

Your size and weight play a big part here as a Larger surfer can get flex out of a fin that won't flex for a Smaller surfer. A Smaller surfer who wants flow to their surfing shouldn't get too stiff a fin, it will tend to make you track.

SURFit has two main construction types.

Carbon Flex Construction

 SURFit-V1-Tri-Fin-Set-Side-Futures-Packaging SURFit-D1-Tri-Fin-Set-Side-Futures-Packaging
SURFit V1 Carbon Flex SURFit D1  Carbon Flex

The SURFit Carbon Flex construction is ultra light.

It consists of a high density foam core with carbon layers placed strategically at the base and tip of the fin. The carbon provides stiffness so you get drive from the base and the stiff tip holds your line without washing out. The body of the fin, where there's no carbon, flexes curving into the shape of the wave.

These fins load up energy in your turn then release with a boost.

They're a great option if you're a lighter or smaller surfer as they will be responsive under your lighter weight and still give direction when you pump and drive.

Going to a larger size SURFit Carbon Flex fin in small waves gives you light weight and more fin area to maximise the most power out of the small surf. It's a great option to try.

Fibre Flex Construction

SURFit-V1F-Tri-Fin-Set-Side-Futures-Packaging  SURFit-X1F-Tri-Fin-Set-Futures-Packaging  SURFit-D1F-Tri-Fin-Set-Side-Futures-Packaging
SURFit V1F Fibre Flex SURFit X1F Fibre Flex SURFit D1F Fibre Flex

The SURFit Fibre Flex is the optimal fin construction.

SURFit Fibre Flex uses an advanced fibre laminate construction.This gives a consistent flex to the fin and a great positive feel under your feet.

When you drive on the fin, it delivers your energy directly into your surfing. It's a high energy feeling. The fin, though less flexi, is not stiff. Rather it holds your line with a definitive flex that directs wave energy with minimal loss.

The Fibre Flex gives you finetuned feedback. You can feel the fins under your feet. Fee the response from small changes in your heel and toe position.

The more you drive the more the fin responds pushing you into your direction change. When you make complete that direction change going into another, it's fluid. There's a continuity of power and flow. It's a great feeling of control.

8020 Models - Optimum Performance

 SURFit-V1F-8020-Tri-Fin-Set-Inside-Outside-Futures SURFit-X1F-8020-Tri-Fin-Set-Inside-Outside-Futures SURFit-D1F-8020-Tri-Fin-Set-Outside-InSide-Futures
SURFit V Series 8020 SURFit X Series 8020 SURFit D Series 8020

SURFit's high end performance fins have the super responsive 80/20 foil.

This foil enhances every aspect of the fin to give you extra speed, drive and control and take the Fibre Flex fins to another level of performance.

The 80/20 foil means the inner side of the side fin gives you an increased 20% foil, instead of being flat, while the outer side gives you a reduced 80% foil.

This gives you a fin that is much more responsive. It harnesses speed from movement on the wave face. It generates extra speed especially when you work it.

It's a distinctive type of feel liked by surfers who want more control on the wave. Felipe Toledo and Kanoa Igarashi use fins with 8020 foil.


The SURFit 8020 performance is also available in fin systems such as twin tab

With the 8020 fins, if you let your board go in neutral you can feel the fin reacting to the wave, loading up waiting for you to charge. It's as if the fin signals you to push and drive. When you do you can feel a power response. Your board stands up, flies, with speed and greater control.

The SURFit 8020 foil is implemented across the proven V Vertical Series, X  Xtreme Series and D Drive Series templates in the Fibre Flex construction.

Give your surfing a high performance boost. Use SURFit fins.


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