5 Steps to No Plastic Surfing With SURFit

SURFit believes caring for each other and our environment is the reason we're here

SURFit No Plastic Packaging Surfboard Packaging

SURFit has a No Plastic packaging policy. Working with SURFit you're taking a major step to help the ocean and your local environment

Your SURFit surfboards, fins, grip, leash and gear come to you in No Plastic delivery packaging.


SURFit packaging is biodegradable and compostable, or recyclable

When you're down the beach you can see that thankfully our beaches are not covered with industrial plastic pollution. However there's plenty of consumer plastic. Things like plastic bottles and their caps, bits of plastic from broken surf-craft and surf accessories, and lots of plastic wrap and packaging.

Two of my favourite people are twins Lorelei and Gaye who walk on the beach at Dee Why picking up plastic and trash with their expandable claw tool. They're not getting paid. They're not surfers or swimmers. They do it for no reason other than they love the beach and want to care for it.



SURFit puts a lot of effort getting away from plastic and still giving your SURFit gear multiple layers of eco maximum protection

How can you make a difference?

Check SURFit's 5 Steps to No Plastic Surfing

1. Grab It 

Pick up plastic when you see it on the beach. Every little bit removed makes a difference. If you're in the water and see plastic floating by, grab it, stick it in your wettie or boardshorts. Dump it in the trash once you're back on the beach

2. Collection instead of Delivery

Collect your surfboard or gear from SURFit. If it's practical for you, your surfboard and accessories can be collected from SURFit. This option is available for all orders in our online store and removes the issue of packaging-pollution all together

3. SURFit No Plastic Surfboard Delivery

Get your surfboard delivered from SURFit with No Plastic packaging. For delivery, your board comes in a cardboard expandable sleeve with special rail protection as the first layer of protection. Once snug in this sleeve your board is placed in a heavy duty cardboard surfboard box. Kraft paper tape is used to seal everything. There's no plastic used
Flex Hex No Plastic Surfboard Packaging

4. SURFit No Plastic Surf Gear Delivery

All SURFit gear, your fins, grips, leash and accessories all come to you in No Plastic packaging. We use a high quality see-through packaging material that makes your purchase look good and that's entirely bio-degradable. It's clear, looks sharp, and wood-based made from trees and will bio-degrade

5. Help Further Up The Production Chain

Getting your surfboards and gear from SURFit you're helping the bigger production chain. In manufacture and our bulk shipping we mandate that plastic can't be used so further up the production chain plastic use is being eliminated
With SURFit you're making big No Plastic waves!

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