SURFit V1 Tri Fin Set Side Outside
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SURFit V1 Carbon Tri Fin Set

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SURFit V1 Carbon Tri Fin Set

Surf top to bottom, go vertical with the V1.

Vertical  V is for Vertical, top to bottom surfing
RAKE - Less Extra upright template
Flex+ Carbon Flex Super Lightweight Responsive Construction

 The V1 takes your surfing vertical, it helps you go top to bottom. Drive hard and the fin carves where you want to go in a short arc.

The way it does this is by giving you side fins with a wide base and a very upright template. 

The wide base gives you hold and drive. So when you push hard you don't slide out, either off the bottom or off the top.

The upright template gives you the ability to change of direction in a very short space, almost instantly bringing your board right around. This short arc carve means you can turn almost anywhere you want and anytime you want. You don't have to wait for the wave to let you in.

If it's sucky, or fat, you get hold and drive. It does this without losing speed, in fact you feel like you're gaining speed jamming your turn.

This is enhanced with the rear fin template. It's narrower in the base, it's not as tall, and has way more flex. This smaller rear fin gives you release. It helps you whip around complementing the short arc carve.


Carbon Flex construction consists of carbon layers in strategic positions at the base and tip of the fin's central foam core. This makes the fin very lightweight while still giving stiffness for drive from the base and direction from the tip. They are ideal for smaller surf or a lighter surfer. They also have a faster response so you can feel the fin load up and whip through turns with a boost.

What Boards?

The V1F is a must have. It works in almost any board and any surf. It's perfect for boards that are fast but tend to race too much down the line, missing smackable sections.

For the variety of shifting peaks and sections you get on a beach break, where rapid turns and direction changes are needed, the VF1 is perfect. It's also great for point and reef breaks on smaller or fuller sessions when you want to play with the lip.

If you want to go vertical, get the V1F.

Size & Foil

V1M Medium
Side Fins  
Base 111mm Height


Foil Flat
Rear Fin
Base 108mm Height 113mm Foil Symmetrical 50/50

Hand Made

All SURFit products while produced using the latest technologies and materials are lovingly handmade and finished. Some markings such as from sanding, texture, or print may appear making every product, your product, unique.