SURFit TF2-8020 Twin Fin Set Inside Outside
SURFit TF2-8020 Twin Fin Set Side Inside
SURFit TF2-8020 Twin Fin Set Rear

SURFit TF2-8020 Twin Fin Set

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SURFit TF2-8020 Twin Fin Set

Get drive to project on the fastest wall, depth to hold in the suckiest section, and low-area flex to give you whippy high -energy turns.

Great as side fins on your Thruster or as Twin Fins in your small wave charger and Twinnie.

Twin Fin Specialty template wide base with 6" tall lean body
Foil Thinner foil to give specialty flex
Thruster & Quads Sides  Use as side fins giving you a heap of extra drive
Flex Optimal Optimal Fibre Flex Construction

The TF2-8020 is serious and fun.

It has wide base so you get serious drive. It's tall with a lot of depth so you get hold. This depth also generates more speed as your fin taps into the wave energy.

The template is lean so the reduced area is super fast. It doesn't bog or catch through turns.

Thinner, the TF2 gives you defined flex. With the extra depth you don't wash out but harness maximum wave energy, whipping in and out of power turns.

The 80/20 foil means the outer side of the fin gives you a reduced 80% foil, while the inner side instead of being flat gives you an increased 20% foil.

This foil enhances every aspect of the fin to give you extra speed, drive and control. It's a distinctive type of feel and works great with the extra flex.

A great fin to give you fun for a wide range of conditions.

Size & Foil

Side Fins  
Base 117mm Height 154mm
6 inches
Foil 80/20
Rear Fin
Base 117mm Height 154mm 6 inches Foil 50/50

 Hand Made

All SURFit products while produced using the latest technologies and materials are lovingly handmade and finished. Some markings such as from sanding, texture, or print may appear making every product, your product, unique.