SURFit Fish Custom Epoxy Surfboard

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SURFit Fish Custom Epoxy Surfboard

The SURFit Fish is your state of the art high performance small wave Fish.

The latest double concave bottom shape is added to your trad Fish full nose, straighter outline and big fish swallow tail.

The double concave bottom shape is super fast and also gives you the advantage of getting your board on rail. So instead of being stuck flat on the wave you get both a lot more speed and more liveliness and carve in smaller surf.

We've added a small center vee on the double concave that blends from the nose to tail giving you super flow both across the wave and off the bottom and off the top.

You get a straighter rail outline from mid to the tail giving you a lot of drive. The nose is fuller to get you into smaller waves, and you get momentum to keep you going.

The bottom curve features a special entry rocker that makes it easy to catch waves and also easy for you to crank turns. 


SURFit Fish One

The SURFit Fish One takes your SURFit Fish in a skateboard direction. It's designed to be surfed short so that when you're paddling the nose sits under your chin. It's thin to give you that extra responsive skateboard feel, and extra wide so you still get the volume and great glide-in paddling.

Once on your feet you can keep your stance, doing everything by shifting your weight. With the extra width this board surfs flatter giving you a super fast forward momentum, ideal for fun in knee to waist high sliders.

SURFit Fish Two

The SURFit Fish Two has your typical generous Fish tail width. From mid to tail this gives you a straighter outline. This gives you speed and drive. Surfing like a traditional Fish, it's great for rising and dropping on small to mid-size waves fuller waves, or charging sucky fast runners where you want to cover distance fast.

The bottom shape with double concave and spiral vee works to help you get the board on rail for longer-arc down the line high speed surfing.

SURFit Fish Three

The SURFit Fish Three has less tail width than the Fish Two. It's still wide, so you get a Fish feel with some of a shortboard feel too.

There's a great curve that runs from mid to the tail and this curve helps you fit in the wave. You still get speed and drive with the ability to fit in sucky sections more than a straighter outline Fish.

The bottom shape with double concave and spiral vee works to help you get the board on rail even more. With the bottom shape you can do more change-of-direction, more vertical rail turns while still having all the Fish speed benefits. It's a fast Fish you can carve on.

With Innegra Epoxy

All SURFit Fish models use epoxy construction so you can keep your board finer and still have the flotation and area without the weight. Being finer you get great responsiveness, being able to fit in moves on fast running small waves.

The carbon lay up gives you the latest flex pattern for small surf. The short central deck carbon layer gives you a stable point from which you drive. As you load up off the bottom and top your nose and tail flex into the wave then release giving you a heap of pop and life.

The Innegra epoxy construction also incorporates a rail band and deck mesh. This takes away the negatives associated with epoxy like chatter and bump, maximizing the positives of strength and light weight. Perfect for your small wave high performance surfing.


Order your SURFit Surfboard online. SURFit will contact you to  personally discuss the volume and other characteristics, refining your own special model.

How Long?

Hand Made on the Northern Beaches

Your custom SURFit board is designed, cut, shaped and finished on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. It takes time, normally a few weeks, to make your custom board so Contact Us if you need to know what's happening before you place your order.

All SURFit products while produced using the latest technologies and materials are loving handmade and finished. Some markings such as from sanding, unevenness in texture, print or other mark may appear making every product, your product, unique.