SURFit D1F-8020 Tri Fin Set Outside and Inside
SURFit D1F-8020 Tri Fin Set Side Inside
SURFit D1F-8020 Tri Fin Set Side Outside

SURFit D1F-8020 Tri Fin Set Twin Tab

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SURFit D1F-8020 Tri Fin Set Twin Tab

Drive, carve and extra speed and control with your D1F-8020s.

Drive D is for Down the line Drive
8020 80/20 Foil gives you extra Speed, Drive & Control
Rake - More Extra rake template
Flex Optimal Optimal Fibre Flex Construction

 The D1F-8020 is the the D1F with the side fins enhanced with the super responsive 80/20 foil.

This foil enhances every aspect of the fin to give you extra speed, drive and control. The D1F already gives you great drive and the 8020 adds to your projection, speed and flow.

The 80/20 foil means the outer side of the fin gives you a reduced 80% foil, while the inner side instead of being flat gives you an increased 20% foil.

This gives you a fin that is much more responsive. It harnesses speed from movement on the wave face. It generates extra speed especially when you work it. It's a distinctive type of feel.

If you let your board go in neutral you can feel the fin reacting to the wave, just waiting for you to load up and charge. It's as if the fin signals you to push and drive and you can feel a power response as your board stands up, with speed and greater control.

Size & Foil

DS1 Small
Side Fins  
Base 109mm Height 109mm Foil 80/20
Rear Fin
Base 107mm Height 107mm Foil Symmetrical 50/50
DM1 Medium
Side Fins  
Base 114mm Height 114mm Foil 80/20
Rear Fin
Base 109mm Height 108mm Foil Symmetrical 50/50
DL1 Large
Side Fins  
Base 120mm Height 120mm Foil 80/20
Rear Fin
Base 118mm Height 114mm Foil Symmetrical 50/50

 Hand Made

All SURFit products while produced using the latest technologies and materials are lovingly handmade and finished. Some markings such as from sanding, texture, or print may appear making every product, your product, unique.