SURFit High Performance EPS Mid Length Surfboard Futures
SURFit High Performance EPS Mid Length Surfboard FCS II

SURFit High Performance Custom Epoxy Mid Length Surfboard

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SURFit High Performance Custom Epoxy Mid Length Surfboard

Give your surfing super cruise with your SURFit High Performance EPS Mid Length Surfboard.

Glide into more waves, cruise at speed, or slow it all down with easy gliding carves. Your SURFit Mid Length opens up a new level of fun.

Unique EPS construction gives you super light weight, float and responsiveness. You don't carry any extra bulk to get the float you need. So the choice is yours to go for fine tuned ultra performance or more volumed super easy surfing.

A versatile board your SURFit Mid Length will give super fun with heaps of zip and flow in small waves. Or use it as your Gun, a paddling machine. With a bit more volume you can get into and charge maxing surf.

Unlike a Gun the SURFit Mid Length has more area forward and in the nose. You can get your paddling speed up and get into big heavy waves super early. Finely blended to the tail you get the perfect balance for holding your line, driving off the bottom or doing big carving changes of direction. The rocker is not like that of a Gun. you get a lot more life and freedom along with drive.

The bottom shape gives you everything from slight concave to slight vee to a double concave keeping the flow maximised for each position you take on the board.

Take your fun to the next level. 


Within each SURFit board model there are prepared models that are proven to work great, that you select and we work out what length and volume will work best. We also offer complete customisation that you can add to your SURFit board so it is yours, distinctive in performance and look. 

Fully Custom

Fully Custom Shape

SURFit gives you complete customisation for your own shape. So your volume, volume distribution, rails, bottom and outline combination can all be decided by you. For example you can go for fuller rails, more thickness between your feet, narrower or fuller entry. You can mix and match the tail you want with the bottom shape you want. For example a Rounded Square tail can be matched with the DDC or Vee Channel bottom shape.

Fully Custom Finish

You can also fully customise the finish of your SURFit board. For example you can have carbon or no carbon, a spray, tint, or custom artwork.

Add your board to your Cart, then let us know what you want and you can add additional features. For artwork including custom inlays, hand posca and sprays, gloss, tints and pigment finishes, click here


Order your SURFit Surfboard online now. SURFit will contact you to  personally discuss the volume and other characteristics, refining your own special model.

Order Time?

Hand Made on the Northern Beaches

Your custom SURFit board is designed, cut, shaped and finished on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. It takes time, normally a few weeks, to make your custom board so Contact Us if you need to know what's happening before you place your order.

All SURFit products while produced using the latest technologies and materials are loving handmade and finished. Some markings such as from sanding, unevenness in texture, print or other mark may appear making every product, your product, unique.

making every product, your product, unique.