SURFit 3 Piece Tail Grip Grey Pink Top
SURFit 3 Piece Tail Grip Grey Pink Side
SURFit 3 Piece Tail Grip Grey Pink Rear
SURFit 3 Piece Tail Grip Blue Black 3M Adhesive

SURFit 3 Piece Super Lite Tail Grip

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SURFit 3 Piece Super Lite Tail Grip

Get great performance and board fit with lightweight minimal rash formula.

You get optimal coverage for your narrow and wide tail boards as the side pieces are expandable to the rails and also around your deck plug. In this way you can place the 30mm Kick directly above your rear fin, giving maximum control.

The 7mm tear drop arch bar is integrated with the kick to create a sweet spot so the side of your foot slots in. This helps you stay connected with your board and when you drive, directing maximum power into your surfing.

Ultra-Light High performance comparatively weightless
Ultra-Thin Super thin gives maximum feel of your board
Function Finish Reduces rash in summer use
H20 Phobic Stays light even when wet
3M Stick The Best waterproof adhesive
Square Traction Your foot gets traction no matter at what angle
Dimple Dots Dimples & Dots enhance micro texture and traction
Toe Holes Reduce weight while providing toe feel
Soul Arch Sculpted 7mm arch matches your foot shape with comfort
Kick 45 45 degrees & 30mm height with flat top lands your airs and heavy drops

Hand Made

All SURFit products while produced using the latest technologies and materials are loving handmade and finished. Some markings such as from sanding, unevenness in texture, print or other mark may appear making every product, your product, unique.