Promotional Surfboards

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No Limit on Creative

There's no limit to what's possible,

We produce surfboards digitally - in terms of shape and artwork.

So we can match any requirement you have for a surfboard design and measurements, and exactly match your logos, colours and artwork.

Whether it's a surfing icon for an event and stage purposes, or a fully functional board to be surfed by clients. From old school cool Longboards, to easy riding Mid Lengths, to High Performance Shortboards. All are available.

True digital quality artwork, colour matching and pin line detail can emblazon your boards. Artwork, including the most vivid photos and prints, can be reproduced and inlayed onto the surfboard. Fibreglass finish gives protection to the same level as a standard surfboard. Also, hand painted and crafted artwork can be added onto the outer surface of the surfboard. This can be crafted in posca pen and spray sealed with a fine clear coat.

Accessories include plugs that can be used to attach the surfboard to cables and velcro at your venue. The plugs can be placed for vertical or horizontal mounting, hanging from cables, or used on a free standing base. 

Complete Customisation

Client Design & Artwork

 Any shape, artwork, design or idea that is available digitally can be reproduced.

How Long?

From a single board to hundreds, your project receives highest priority. We source all materials and make entirely in-house so provide total control of the production process to you. So Contact Us if you need to know what's happening before you place your order.

All SURFit products while produced using the latest technologies and materials have hand crafted processes and finishes. Some markings such as from sanding, unevenness in texture, print or other mark may appear.