SURFit Surf Cams

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$4.99 a month

Find your own break, don't miss a surf with your SURFit Subscription

Our SURFit cams give you an unmatched surf check, realtime and controllable. Check the screenshots below on Instagram that show the variety of breaks you can find, the low light conditions in which you can check the surf, and how you can zoom in.

This equates to you finding your own break away from the crowd, knowing when it's good and so be first out, and knowing when it's no good and so save your time.


You can move our cams from break to break, then zoom in to your favourite spot to get a closeup of what it's really like.

Beaches and breaks covered are from Manly Deadmans to Queenie Point, Freshie, Curly, Dee Why and Longy, Collaroy from Makaha outer reefs to South Narra, North Narra and even Little Narra.

The point breaks, bommies, beachies and shoreys are all covered with super high quality optics and latest cam CMOS. This gives you extra low light for your surf check so you're first to know what it's like.

Our webapp is instant on and super fast, there's no sluggish load time, and it runs on any device in Chrome.


WDR, Wide Dynamic Range, gives you great images in low light so you can see if there's any swell first thing in the morning, while it's still dark. So when it's good you'll be first out!

Or if it's no good you can decide to have family time, go to work, or just sleep in.

To Subscribe go to login with your Facebook, then make the PayPal Subscription payment.

Don't miss another great surf! 

Use Chrome to Go--> and sign up

P.S. There's no lock-in. It's month-by-month and with your own PayPal account you can control your SURFit Subscription anytime


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