SURFit 2 Series Custom Epoxy Surfboard Futures
SURFit 2 Series Custom Epoxy Surfboard FCS

SURFit 2 Series Custom Epoxy Surfboard

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SURFit 2 Series Custom Epoxy Surfboard

The SURFit 2 Series Surfboard is a blast in small waves.

You get a very fast board, straight line fast and fast in turns. Unlike a fish, with a wide nose and tail that can track and bog, the 2 Series gives you fast power carves and high energy surfing in small to tiny waves.

You get area in the body of the board giving you great wave catching and speed.

The nose is not so full, so you don't have extra volume up there to catch. Likewise the tail is wide but not too wide. It gives you the maximum return from smaller wave power so you can leverage full rail turns on small faces.

Check out the features of the different SURFit 2 Series models covered below to match however your want to surf in the small stuff. 

Things happen fast in small surf and the SURFit 2 Series gives you speed, carve, and fun to match.


Within each SURFit board model there are prepared models that are proven to work great, that you select. We also offer complete customisation that you can add to your SURFit board such as length, volume, width and design so it is yours, distinctive in performance and look. 

SURFit 2 Series 1

This is the entry level SURFit 2-1 with a generous single concave. It gives you a great balance between speed and maneuverability, a heap of fun in small waves.

This model is standard PU construction.

SURFit 2 Series 2 with C Channel

The SURFit 2-2 comes with a single concave and the SURFit C Channel shaped within that creating a hull concept. The SURFit C Channel gives you speed. It channels water in a variable depth single concave blasting it out the tail. The concave is naturally fast and when you work it, the board flys.

This model is standard PU construction.

SURFit 2 Series 3 with C Channel DC Innegra

The SURFit 2-3 comes with a single concave and the SURFit C Channel shaped with a DC double concave through the tail giving you extra speed and responsiveness. The double concave helps you get your board up on rail so if you like carving rail turns in small waves, this model is incredible.

Added to this there's a flyer swallow. So you get more area up front giving you great planing with just a shift of weight. The flyer gives you a break point for quick power carves that you normally don't have time for in small waves. The less area in the tail and the swallows means you get bite for your power big moves in tiny surf.

In Fish and other hybrid small wave boards if your tail is too wide it forces you into slower loping drawn out turns. In the SURFit 2-3 we match the width of the swallow tail to your carving board so you get great small wave speed up front and power carving at your tail.

This model is epoxy Innegra construction. Innegra is the best epoxy glassing solution reducing all the epoxy negatives such as chatter while giving you long life, pop and extra liveliness.

Fully Custom

Your SURFit board is fully customise and you can customise it further with your own special design. If you select your board, add it to your Cart, then you can add additional features that include:

Channels, Bottom Shape and Performance Construction such as epoxy and Innegra, click here

Artwork including custom inlays, hand posca and sprays, gloss, tints and pigment finishes, click here


Order your SURFit Surfboard online. SURFit will contact you to  personally discuss the volume and other characteristics, refining your own special model.

How Long?

Hand Made on the Northern Beaches

Your custom SURFit board is designed, cut, shaped and finished on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. It takes time, normally a few weeks, to make your custom board so Contact Us if you need to know what's happening before you place your order.

All SURFit products while produced using the latest technologies and materials are loving handmade and finished. Some markings such as from sanding, unevenness in texture, print or other mark may appear making every product, your product, unique.